Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stiff as a Board - Day 15 of 31 Days of Organizing

Stiff as a Board - keep it that way
Well keep it straight too.

I use a number of different materials to construct minis with.  
Wood is a great material for minis - until it gets too heavy.  For furniture, wood is the best, but when storing it we need to keep it straight.  I already covered my wood storage, so will focus on those other materials.

Foam core board
I really prefer this material for any building I can use it for.  I save the scraps in a drawer and generally allow them to lay flat in the drawer.

The long pieces before I cut them up - I keep them in a corner of the room - leaned in with a bunch other larger pieces like drawing pads, poster board and more.  I try to keep this straight more than any of my others.
Working in 1:48 scale, there is less need for longer pieces.  So again, although I am trying to keep these straight most of the time, I don't make a lot of effort.  But I still recommend to keep it straight whenever possible.

Thicker foam board
This board is also corralled in the corner.  It holds its shape fairly well any way. But again, I do try to keep this straight.  
I also save the scraps of this material and store it in a drawer.
Nothing fancy, but just keeping them in a place I can find them is the main thing.

I also have a drawer of cardboard scraps.  Again, I try to lay them in to keep them from being bent.  I save all sorts of cardboard but I prefer if it is not printed on one side, but that can be used if needed.  I find cardboard especially useful for 1:48 scale miniatures as it can be cut and painted and the look it gives is very finished.  Love that is doesn't need sanding and that it can be cut very easily or even torn for a different look.

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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