Saturday, January 17, 2015

Measuring the Marks - Day 17 of 31 Days of Organizing

After we make the marks, now it is time to Measure the Marks

Measuring tools tend to be long and odd shaped.  So they don't lend themselves to toolboxes in general.
I have two strategies to manage these.  I have two sizes of most all of them.
The long and bigger ones I hang on the wall.  In the past, I have hung them on the end of a wood shelf that I had a hook or nail in place.  Working with 1:48 scale minis, I don't need them as often and I have the smaller ones easily accessible in my toolbox. 
 There are also cutting mats hung up here when not on a work desk.
I used my moto tool to modify the small divided box that fits in my toolbox.  This mod was to allow tools to fit in the open area.  The box has dividers and that keeps those pens in place.
Those tools in that  expanded area are a triangle and right angle.  Then in the back are a couple of 6 inch rulers.  All of these are great for working in smaller scale.

In that divided box is an important marking tool - a permanent marker (purple lid).  When I need make the same cut repeatedly, I use a permanent marker on my metal ruler to make the mark.  Then once I am done, I use isopropyl alcohol to remove the mark.

The main thing I think about organizing these tools is to keep them accessible as needed. Otherwise keeping them out of the way (on a wall sure is unless what is below will bump them too much.)  When I used to hang them on a nail at the end of a shelf, I would hang several on the same hook.  On the wall I have more space and I take advantage of that so I don't have to un-hang more than one ruler at a time.  But either way works and that is what I think is most important - whatever works for you.

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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