Saturday, January 24, 2015

Packaging - Day 24 of 31 Days of Organizing

Zip bags are something I can't do without.  I found this box in yet another laptop box.  But it could be easily set up.
As you can it has four sections that were built in - but I am using checkbook boxes to divide the one section further.  I could see taking a pizza box type box and just adding more boxes that I made to hold the bags.  I like having different sizes on hand.  I do use these for swaps, holding punches, and leftover bits.  I buy them and I save them when I get something.  
My larger zip bags go in a drawer with other packaging.
I also save any little containers because I need packaging up swaps and also for storing other miniatures and supplies.  I also store things like lids that I use for paint palettes and paper plates for recapturing excess landscaping, glitter, beads or whatever and also for holding items while painting.
Shipping supplies have drawers as well.  I have a box in the closet for packing peanuts. All this stuff needs contained somewhere so drawers are great, but boxes are great too. Labels are important if can't see in the drawer.
Boxes for shipping, they need a place too.  When I have more boxes than this, I make sure to store them flat like on the each side.  The ones on the left (in plastic wrap) are priority mail boxes.

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!

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