Monday, January 5, 2015

31 Days of Organizing - Day 5 Clear it out

Be willing to Clear it Out

Have too many supplies because you bought too many for a particular project? Changing hobbies? Need to downsize?  
All of these reasons are valid for deciding to get rid of some of our stuff.  Believe me I get that it is difficult to let go, but it is good to let go.  It doesn't matter whether I toss it, give it or I sell it.  I believe in letting go.  I am not saying give it all away or throw away everything. I am saying to be willing to let it go.  This may take time for particular item or items.  Nothing wrong with that. I have done that. Time can help us decide that we no longer need to keep something.  
Toss It
My motto is to toss it if I can't give it away or sell it and I have decided to get rid of it. Examples of things I am willing to toss are things that I might recycle but because I have a plentiful supply I don't need to keep every one of those I can get my hands on.  Those butter/marg lids are an example.  
There is also that time to toss when the item is spoiled (I had this problem with dried flowers).  If it is not salvageable, toss it.  Don't keep it thinking maybe it could be salvaged later as it might be worse later.  
Give It
I believe in giving away the things we no longer want and someone might.  So if I no longer want it and it wouldn't be considered trash, then I like to give it away.  I would prefer to give it directly to someone I know will be interested in it, but I am willing to give to my local thrift store.
Sell It
Definitely if you have something of value and the time to market it, then I am all for selling it.  I have done this too.  Selling items doesn't have to be complicated.  Some groups allow us to list items for sale.  I think this is the best option as most likely going to a fellow miniaturist that will use it.  Another option is listing on my own website (like my blog) - no fees is the advantage here.  Well at least no additional ones if paying for the website.  Other options are ebay and etsy.  Both of which have fees.
Whatever way I go about to list the item for sale, it is important to market the item or items so that the most likely audience will be interested.  When selling miniatures or supplies to make them, the best place to market is where the miniaturists are.  Keep in mind that some groups limit selling so be sure to follow whatever guidelines are there.
How to decide what to clear out
One way to re-evaluate the clothes in our closet is turn all the hangers backwards.  Only if it gets worn does the hanger turn around.  New items get automatic regular hanging.  At the end of the year, any item that didn't get turned around is supposed to go in the give away (or sell) bin.  I have done this for a couple of years now and it does help.  I admit some items get a second chance, but at least it got an evaluation.
For minis - I am sure that we could do a similar system.  One way would be to put anything that you would consider giving away, but aren't willing to part with it yet in a box.   Another way would be to mark boxes with a tag (maybe a post-it would work). Any time you think of or work on that kit, go mark that tag.  If at the end of a year, you don't use it or even think about it, then I propose to give it away. Maybe you don't have to get rid of it the first year, but definitely give you an idea of how often you use something and may help you make the choice to let go. 

Finally, another reason to clear it out is to allow room for other things.  I don't mean more stuff but it could be that more space to spread out is what was needed.  Clearing out things will give more space assuming that one isn't moving to a smaller one.  But even then having to store less stuff is freeing of the mind, less to remember where it is.

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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