Sunday, January 18, 2015

Never a Dull Moment - Day 18 of 31 Days of Organizing

We've marked and measured and now comes the time to cut.
So today's organizing idea is around storing the sharp tools.

Sharp tools need to be kept sharp and also need to be stored to protect us from them.
Similar to my measuring tools, I have larger and smaller.  The larger ones are stored in a drawer
I added the divider in this drawer just so I could keep this drawer more orderly.  
That green and silver thing in the back - that is my new sharpening tool.  It was recommended by another miniaturist.  It is now two-sided to do two-step sharpening.  
That handle on the left is a cutting tool to use with a grooved ruler for cutting things like mat board and poster board.  
The rest are spare cutting tools that either aren't needed or don't fit in my toolbox.

Here is that toolbox divided box
My toolbox is the tools I need that work with making minis in smaller scales.  These tools are necessarly smaller they just all happen to fit.
In the middle front section is a small plastic box that I place used blades in.  In the past, I threw these away.  One way I did that was to insert the used blade into a scrap of foam core board or other scraps that kept the blade from coming out.  
I do keep spare blades in with these tools.
This divided box has also been modified to allow me to fit larger tool.  But I use the dividers in the back to contain the tweezers.  This corrals them and keeps me from grabbing the wrong end.

Accessibility is important to me and my sharp tools are no different.  But I also try to avoid any potential sharp point from hurting me or someone else who might borrow my tools. 
Having sharp tools to use when I cut is also important to me, so that is why I do change out blades.  And now I will be reusing them by using the new sharpening tool I have. From what I understand the blades can be even sharper than what they come to us from the factory.  

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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