Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making Shapes - Day 22 of Organizing miniatures

Making shapes - really that's all that working with clay is all about

Granted clay is intimidating.  But if we could think of using it in shapes and combining those shapes, then I am sure we could all do more clay work.
That said, I will probably still get frustrated and have to put it down and walk away when my creations don't meet my expectations of what they should look like.
So when it comes to clay, I don't much of this.
I now have two small plastic boxes.  One is for clay and the other is for tools.

I got a bunch of tools second hand at a yard sale, but I have bought my share.  
When storing polymer clay, one consideration is to not store in direct contact with some plastics.  The clay can melt the plastic.  But not all plastic as they sell it in plastic.  

There are other media to make shapes like celluclay - I just store this in a drawer in the bag it came in.  For this stuff, just don't want it to get wet as it will harden if wet. Plaster cloth - that stuff is fun!  I want to make more stuff with that.  Again it needs to be keep dry.  I showed were I keep both of this stuff in a drawer a few days ago.

Since I don't have much to organize here, I will leave you with some tips about using these materials.

  • Wash hands before using clay, then again after.  Particularly when switching colors.
  • Some clays can be mixed with hand lotion.  As in put on hand lotion and the work the clay.
  • If you hands can't handle the hand-mixing required for mixing colors, then buy colors needed, use a different type of clay or buy a pasta maker.  I would buy one if I did more clay.  But I usually don't have issues with scupley brand and I also use the flesh color and then paint.
  • To avoid burning, turn down the temp or use an oven thermometer.  It could be your oven is not accurate.  It is ok to cure the clay on lower temp for longer time.  Alternatively can lay the item in polyfil.
  • To support items when baking, use polyfil or cornstarch.
  • Avoid shiny spots by baking on smooth cardboard or parchment.
  • Items can be cured, then add to them and bake again.

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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