Sunday, June 12, 2022

Organizing Markers

 I recently purchased several sets of Alcohol markers from Amazon. They are Ohuhu brand.

I purchased 3 different sets but ultimately kept only 2. I gave one set to my daughter.

To organize these according to the swatch cards, in the bags they came in, I used cardboard dividers. Unfortunately this brand, this style, didn't come in boxes. 

This was okay although the the markers moved when one was pulled out so this bothered me.

I decided I wanted to purchase boxes for them. But I also wanted the set of pastels (my 3rd set). I bought them first then the box later.

When the box arrived is when my organizing genes kicked in. I want them to be in order together.

Ultimately I purchased 2 boxes.

Read about how I organized the markers by color and the boxes I purchased on my website.