Storage and Organizing Index

List of all my ideas on storing and organizing my minis from both my blogs
If more than one link, the newest is first.

General ideas on organizing

Intro to my 31 days on organizing
KISS - Keep it simple
Make it work for you
Recycling - think about reusing, recyling, repurposing
Clear it Out tips on what to get rid of
Digital Organizing

Media: Wood

Storing Wood

Media: Paper, card, printed items, anything else flat
Keeping It Flat
Stiff as a Board
punched paper for making flowers and sequins
it's in the papers
storing-and-organizing-minis: paper punches for flowers
storing-and-organizing-minis: wallpaper and rugs

Media: metal
Metal organized

Media: Glass and plastic
Glass and Plastic storing

Media: Clay
Making Shapes

Media: Fiber

Fiber (fabric and other soft things)
Ribbon and Trim
storing-and-organizing: fabric

Mixed: Beads and Findings
Beads, Findings and other tiny things

Landscaping Supplies
Landscaping supplies


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