Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ribbon and Trim update

Last year I shared my ribbon and trim storage solutions - you can view that here:
This past month I decided that the big tin of baggies of trim was no longer working for me. The tin held it all fine, but I didn't like having to dig through it. I tried to store the bags in a row, but due to the depth of the tin and the amount of bags I had, that didn't last long at all.

My newest solution is to use a photo box. 
Here's what that looks like now
Not a whole lot different than the tin, but it does have dividers. I made the dividers from black scrapbook paper that I cut to the right size. Then I used a white pen to write on them.

Right now this box is really tight so I believe the next phase will be to split this into two boxes. When I do that I know that part of that will also be to add in other ribbon and trim stored elsewhere. 

Future ribbon and trim thoughts
I have concluded that my 3 ring binder with the plastic pocket pages is a fabulous but  cost-prohibitive solution for me. I do plan to finally move those items into this photo box solution. It only took me two years to finally accept this. I just loved the idea too much to let go of it. But in thinking about blogging about this and also that I will indeed use two photo boxes, I decided that it was more important to have everything together than to keep the pocket pages.

Another trim stash that I am considering the best solution for is my embroidery thread. I have it in a divided plastic box - 2 of them actually. I rarely use it, but it is there when I need it. Now I am debating do I combine it with the bags of other trim. It looks so neat and organized the way it is. It isn't hurting anything by leaving it there. When I need it - it is still easy to access. But... am I ever going to do needlework again? Probably not. With that answer combining it with the other bags makes sense. Plus I could actually weed out some and maybe sell a portion of it. Wonder if it is worth listing on etsy?...

Happy organizing!