Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Temporary Studio Area and Staying Organized

Studio on a String
OK, not actually a string, just very small space

My son graduated from college over a year ago and has been living in my studio since. It took 6 months for him to find a job that he wanted. One that was close to my home so he could live with us was a big consideration. The reason is that he wanted to save money and pay on student loans. This he has done.
However I no longer have that separate room to leave my projects out. I still have access to nearly all my supplies and tools. My son put most all his things in storage and just has a bed in the middle of the studio room. 

Initially I just had a small amount of things and worked in my bedroom because it had a tv. I had my studio chair and a tv tray. I also used a small area on a shelf that is for the vcr and other things connected to the tv.

During the OLHP (online house party) last year, I moved to our dining room table and had project boxes and my tools taking up close to half the table. But there is no tv there, so I soon moved back to the bedroom.

It is a scaled back and I get things from the studio as I need rather than have everything around. I also put things back in the studio when I am not using them. Staying organized is the main reason to do so. Otherwise, I would take over my bedroom with too many miniature things that I can't get to.

Earlier this year, I did make a major change. Rather than storing my small toolbox (and extra boxes of tools and glue) on a second tv tray, I emptied this taller drawer cart into a smaller one.  

I reduced the height of the tall drawer cart because I wanted to be able to easily reach my toolbox while seated on this love-seat. This meant removing one large drawer.
I don't have the drawers re-labelled in this pic. I changed the labels once I had figured out would be in each drawer. It is easy to do, by using isopropyl alcohol to wipe away the marker on the plastic tape over the little sheets. Note the wheels were added back. I didn't have them on before because I was concerned about weight nor needed to move it around. I have had the plastic piece, that the wheels go into, break before. 

I now have one drawer of paint and glues

another for cutting and clamp tools (that don't go in my toolbox)
a misc tools drawer
then another for the project I am working on
I normally keep projects in photo boxes and still other kits for and parts of the Petite Chateau are. By having a project drawer, I don't need to access a box every time I am ready for the next kit for this floor.

The basement insert for the Petite Chateau just so happen to fit the new project drawer, the rest of the drawer is then for kits and the furnishings. (Even though I finished the basement, it is still in the drawer but in the back due to not having the exterior and garage ready.)
The next level I am working on is the furnishings since the other levels are all built into the house already. 
One of the big drawers is for misc items as well like cup for holding glue, a cup of stain markers, extra plastic bags, roll of extra paper towels, etc.
The bottom big drawer I have my dremel in.

Because of my cat, I cannot leave any liquid alone with her for even a few minutes. Recently she spilled a whole can of soda on the love-seat and floor. I was quite frustrated with her and with myself because I wasn't able to work while the couch was drying. I know better, but it happened. 

My new system is to take liquids with me, empty them, or make her leave the room with me. Miniatures are not safe from her either, so I must put things away every time I am done for the day. This helps me be more organized as well.

The past few weeks I have been privileged to meet with fellow miniaturists online via zoom mtgs. 
This is my 'desk' setup from last night's mtg.
The drawer cart is pulled up to the side so I can quickly access. It has been nice to turn my arrangement around to accommodate the computer. The wheels on the drawer cart are most helpful.
The computer is closed, but yes, it is elevated on an additional stand on the black table. The additional stand helps with my neck issues. I only have the black table for the computer.

When not in a zoom mtg I just use the tv tray at the love-seat and it looks pretty much like this.