Friday, November 18, 2022

Paint Storage Again

I have been using a metal shelf in our dining room as storage for miniature supplies since my studio is currently a bedroom. On this metal shelf I added wire racks that stack together. On those I have my paint stored. My latest paint storage solution is simple and cheap. 

Prior solutions 

Initially I was using recycled priority boxes to hold my paint bottles in a prior location. The height was cut just below the bottle height. These bottles were in my studio like this. 

Recycled priority box used to hold paint bottles 

I moved those all to my bedroom on a shelf setup the same way. These are shelves on tracks that hang from a wall. However I was getting too many bottles on my desk because I didn't want to put them away. That is why I moved them from the bedroom to the dining room where I currently play. 

I switched back to bigger boxes. These were contact paper covered detergent boxes. They were cut to the height of the bottles. I've had these for years and didn't toss when I used the priority boxes. This picture shows using them before. 

Recycled detergent boxes as 'drawers' 

Then I thought about some cigar boxes a family friend had been giving me. These are bigger than the detergent boxes. I cut off the lids. Compared to the detergent size of box, these are even heavier. Also they weren't any deeper so still limited to how many fit. But more fit because they fit nested. The priority boxes is maximum of 6 bottles. For the space, I only get a few more bottles of all the same size. However not all my bottles are. 

I had 3 cigar boxes across each shelf turned length front to back. 

Issues with bigger boxes

I didn't like reaching for a box especially the top shelf when sitting. I had to get up. Ok, I probably need to get up more but that's not the point. Again I would delay putting back. 


Inspired by the paint racks with holes, which allow to lay bottles on their side, I decided to try mine on the side but still in the cigar boxes. It worked. I had to place them so the length is left to right,which meant one less box per shelf. Also I had to choose if any paint needs be round binned (trashed). 

True colors 

I had started previously adding smears of the actual paint to the bottle tops. This helped figure out which could be trashed. I finished that. For some I had to go back and make them bigger as their smaller smear was more obvious now. Then I added, using fine point permanent marker, the color name. I don't care about names most of the time but I found this helpful.

Here is the result. 

Paint on display 

I had to do two things. First the shelves are deeper than the cigar boxes. I added those leftover priority boxes behind. I'm even using those for storage of duplicate colors. Not a total waste of space, but using what you have sometimes means sacrifice. 


Spacer boxes are storage for duplicates 

The second thing I did was add a scrap piece of wood to tilt the boxes upwards a bit. The paint bottles were sliding out and this solved it. 

Scrap wood for tilting 

On my particular shelves I have some room beside the cigar boxes and the detergent boxes for quite well. 

Extra space for odds and ends paints and glue s

I still am working on these so haven't added any labels. They are too deep to turn up. What I have in them is extra media like stain pens, glues and glitter. Temporary bottles that I don't use often but have recently. Well the glue stays there regardless.

How is using the bottles? 

There are times when another falls when I pull on one. I also don't get them back in the same spot. If I really want I can get them back with shifting whatever has rolled into the spot. I'm trying to be flexible about the colors mixing. The one purple above the browns seems out of place. But it is in the brown and purple box.

For the cost of this solution $0, I will be happy to live with these issues.

Loving it

Since I love color, I love this. It is my background when I zoom with other miniaturists.

Happy miniaturing


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