Tuesday, January 6, 2015

31 Days of Organizing - Day 6 Kits and Projects

I am a dreamer and I am a doer.
I am also a collector.  A collector of kits.

Sometimes the dream comes from seeing a kit offering or a challenge or it is inspired by things I see other miniaturists doing. Once the idea materializes into more than a dream, I need a place to store them.    They could have materialized because I purchase the kit or items that can be used to complete the project.   


When I store my projects I like to use shoe boxes.  I find shoe boxes to be a cheap resource to hold them. Only problem I have with the recycled shoe boxes is shape.  They come in so many sizes.  So I have started converting to the nicer  printed cardboard photo boxes that are uniform in size and shape. I am doing this simply to get more space on my shelves. Granted some projects that don't need that large a box.  So I will be on the lookout for same size but shorter ones which I think I have seen at my local hobby shop. 

The only disadvantage so far is one project I had bought the house and all the kits for inside so everything together barely fits.  Once I start on that house, I am probably going to have two boxes.  One would be for the house and the other for all the interior kits.  This is the first house I did this with. FYI I did that over time - tried to do it monthly but it was too easy to not do it one or more months.


My kits that aren't designated to a specific project are currently housed in a drawer in a plastic drawer cart.  Inside the drawer are some plastic baskets to somewhat separate them into categories.  

I am not too good about keeping them organized that way so I am considering moving them to a photo box as well.  Ideally I see this as better because I could get them all into a single box.  I like the idea of using the divider cards (that used to come with the photo boxes).  I will make my own most likely.  Then I would add categories like kitchen, dining, living room, etc.  
Another option I have thought about is to use a plastic divided box.  But I don't have one the right depth.  I am thinking of those fishing tackle boxes.  It will depend on the cost and whether I find one in a store locally or not.  
The photo box has the advantage to fitting on the shelves that already house my project boxes.  It is also cheaper.  Has the advantage of being more adjustable - larger one section area that gives the freedom to fit really thick kits together so I don't waste space with fixed dividers.  

Come back tomorrow for another organizing idea during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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