Thursday, January 1, 2015

31 Days of Organizing - Day 1 Intro

Happy New Year!

Many people like to make resolutions and sometimes the resolutions are to be or get more organized.  I've decide not to make resolutions anymore because I tend to not keep them.  So whether you do or not, I am going to give 31 days of ideas on organizing miniatures and the tools and supplies to make them.

Today's idea is that when it comes to getting organizing, don't stress yourself over organizing.  You and I didn't get disorganized overnight so we won't get organized overnight either.  (Well that is unless you only have a very small amount of stuff.)

I recommend that you work on one thing at a time.  However if everything is jumbled together, maybe sort in to really broad categories initially.  Then focus on the category.  There is nothing wrong with taking small steps towards the larger goal.  

An example would be if you have all sorts of items in multiple boxes. Let's say I wanted to focus on sorting beads.  I would find all my beads in all my boxes and get them into one one place.  Even though that one place has multiple assorted boxes taking up way too much room.  My small step of finding them and bringing them together is a big step.  If I worked like this every day taking small steps to sort a box at a time into what categories and storage solutions I decided on, I would reach my goal of having them organized.  

Come back to tomorrow for Day 2 idea.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


  1. Thanks Preble, I will follow so I can try to organize this mess!

  2. Thanks Preble! I am going to try to follow this as well!