Sunday, January 11, 2015

Softer side - Day 11 of 31 Days of Organizing

The softer side of miniatures includes things I like to call fiber.
When it comes to this material, like my other supplies, I like to sort by category, by color, by texture, by whatever appropriate to that material and I like to separate so it isn't a mess to find something and later put away.  I admit that my fiber stash is like some of my other supplies, I have pockets of disorganized stuff.  So it is future organizing moments for when I feel it deserves my time to deal with it.  

Fabric/cloth My fabric is stored in a single drawer.  A few years ago, I did some clearing out of fabric. The remaining pieces were sorted by color and stored in large zip bags.  I press the bag to remove the air when closing to save space.  This also helps the bag to stand up on it's end.
By having them in bags, some messiness is allowed.  I pull out one bag and go through that bag.  If I had a larger collection of fabric, then I would still sort by color but separate by prints versus solids.  

Feathers and misc other fiber

Looking at this picture I think one day I should sort these feathers into smaller bags by color.  I don't use feathers often is probably why I haven't already.
The other stuff in this drawer are stuffing, some flat batting, and some netting.  So this is a catch all for fiber that otherwise would just be in a bag or box in the closet.

Excess ribbon and lace
Since I do mostly smaller scale, this drawer holds ribbon on spools and extra lace that I am less likely to use in miniature.  I do on occasion still do some non-miniature craft projects and these would be for that.  tomorrow.

Come back tomorrow for more on my main ribbon and trim storage ideas during my 31 days of organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!


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