Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Keep it Flat - Day 14 of 31 Days of Organizing

Keep it Flat
When storing flat items, it is important that they stay flat.  Today, I want to talk about wallpaper and other paper items.  
My first solution is for larger size wallpapers - 1:12 scale.  I took some art classes in college and I had a leftover cardboard portfolio.  It was a really large size so really too big for these papers.  I replaced that with something closer to the wallpaper itself.  I used mat board and ribbon.  
I tried it with paper tape, but that didn't work very well getting into it without messing up the tape or having to re-tape.
I also added paper to create a hinge instead of having the ribbon cut into the paper.  The ribbon also is not open at the one end.  So there is only three place the ribbon ties.
One consideration I might consider if I made this today is to have more than one section. It could be done with another layer of mat board.

My next solution works for 1:24 scale wallpaper or scraps of 1:12.  It is simply a binder with 8x11 sleeve protector pages. I do add a sheet of plain paper in the sleeve to help it be stiffer.  
For 1:48 scale wallpaper, I using the same binder, but I am also using photo pages.  I think this is a great recycle solution.  I stopped using these photo albums when I started scrapbooking, but I couldn't resist keeping the pages.  I was really glad I did.

Another thing that I use these 8x11 page protectors for is rugs and quilts.  I have participated in many swaps and have a lot of rugs to sort through.  I use temporary type double stick tape to adhere the rugs to a sheet of plain paper that slides in the sleeve.  
Any size sleeve would work if one wanted to group into smaller categories.

I also use my binder and page protectors to store other papers.  For example, in the supply swaps I received some lace doilies, metallic papers, and more.  I have these stored once again by color.  

Since I do scrap booking, I do have a storage solution for that paper, that is basically hanging file folders.  I do frequently dip into this paper to use for miniatures. 

One thing I will say - back to the keeping it flat - don't roll wallpaper unless it is temporary.  Wallpaper that is rolled, and left too long, will be hard to unroll and use.  

Come back tomorrow for another day of organizing for my 31 Days of Organizing.

Happy Miniature Organizing!

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