Friday, January 2, 2015

31 Days of Organizing - Day 2 KISS

KISS is an acronym.  Keep It Simple Stupid
I don't particularly like the stupid part, but I like the idea.
Keeping it Simple is important.  

Organizing should be about making it work for you.  Don't make it complicated.  Your organizing system and solutions don't have to be fancy.  They can be simple and what is currently available too.  I am not advocating to go buy a bunch of new stuff.  It would be fine if you can afford to do that, but it is not necessary.  Consider what you have and how it might be used.  If you want to add some new solutions that is fine but isn't needed.

As I was putting away my Christmas decorations, I thought about how I had these stored.  It isn't complicated.  It is just a bunch of big tubs/boxes that I added over time as my collection grew.  Because I only get these out once a year, it doesn't matter how they are stored as long as they protect the items and get them stored away.   
The large boxes is not much different to how I had started with my miniatures as I had moved a couple of times.  The boxes were left over from moving.  It was a simple storage solution but impractical.  So although I am suggesting to keep it simple, there are other things to keep in mind as well.  Come back tomorrow  when I talk about this further.

Happy Miniature Organizing!

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