Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let’s Do Minis

October is Dollhouse and Miniatures Month
Here’s a new series on doing minis more

Far too often I hear people say they wish they could get more ___ done. Fill in the blank with whatever you are in to.
The  key to doing more is the doing.  It really is that simple. Right now I wish I was doing more minis. But there are many reasons I haven't. I won't to go in to details,  we all are busy and have things going on. Minis are a hobby and hobbies are often the first to go when other things consume our time.

I had a friend once who said she tried to do minis every day.  She has long passed but I will never forget her slogan: It's worth it. Her last name  was Worth so it was a play on her name but also she believed her hobby was worth spending time on. 
This I believe is where our challenge is. If our hobby is truly important to us then we will find the time. We will prioritize it within our day or week or month. When it comes to our time we all get the same amount. We all make choices on how we spend our time. People who are productive with making minis are choosing to spend their time with minis. Don't stress when you choose other activities over minis.  That is your choice. 

My friend felt that daily was what she wanted to do. Small chunks of time will add up.  For someone with health issues this may work better. The key would be to be able to either set  up quickly or leave it out and be able to come back. This latter works for me as a have a separate room now. But I still do the former for small aspects of a project at times.
For those days or weeks when minis take a lower priority, it is ok. Minis will keep unlike family or friends. 

Stay positive and avoid thinking about time lost. Life is too short to spend it lamenting the undone. Instead keep playing whenever you can.

This is a new series - come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,


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