Friday, October 30, 2015

Getting it Done

This is my last post on doing more minis.

The single most important thing to getting more done is to Do.

We can talk and plan  all we want but if we don't sit down and do,  we won't get anything done.

You can buy all the tools,  all the kits, make all the schedules you want but if you don't take time to do, then all of that will become nothing more. It may bring joy enough for you as it is and that's ok.  But for me I enjoy the doing and so I do.

I love sharing what I do both from a 'look what I finished' aspect but also the 'how I did it'. Once I am done with a project, it does help to inspire me to do more because I do get feedback from my fellow miniaturists.  

I want others to enjoy this hobby too, so I share my mistakes and triumphs. Not to make anyone feel bad but I want to be helpful. I would rather you learn from my mistakes so that you can gain confidence in the doing. I am actually my own worst enemy when it comes to time management as I tend to make things over complicated at times. But I am learning to rethink my plans in that light because I have written about it.

I propose one last suggestion - share what you do when you are done.  Miniaturists love to look at photos and I find the miniature community to be a very positive one. 

This is my last post on doing more minis in honor of Dollhouse and Miniatures Month - check the older posts to see the previous ideas.  I welcome feedback on this topic.  Did I inspire you to do more?

Happy miniaturing,

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