Friday, October 23, 2015

Be Organized to Do More

Yesterday,  I talked about two ways to do more.
  • Prioritize your hobby
  • Do minis often: daily/weekly/monthly
Today, I will tie this in to my blog title: the organized miniaturist.

I believe that being more organized can help you do more. But it isn't a requirement by any means.  Organizing most of your miniatures and supplies can make you more efficient, which translates to more time for making minis.

Sometimes just the act of organizing is enough of a mini fix.  And I say it counts towards making minis. Being creative may work better for you to be messy, but everything doesn't have to be chaos

I believe for me too much chaos clutters my mind.  I often find it best for me to stop adding to the mess and do some clean up. I find that my clutter stems from two directions: the belief that I am going to need that something again in a while or just laziness. The latter may be due to time I have available to do minis or it could be I just kept moving along with others aspects of the project. Regardless of what it sterns from when I come back,  that mess weighs on me until I do clean up.

Generally when I get to a point the mess is bothering me it really isn't the mess so much as I may have lost interest in the project or I have lost my momentum or motivation to complete it. Rather than allow my mess to rob my joy of minis,  I do the clean-up. I do put away. I may get some right back out but it isn't the same mess that was bothering me before. 

This is a new series - come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,

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