Sunday, October 25, 2015

Don't compare yourself to others

This is a biggie! I get it. So-and-so gets a lot done weekly/monthly, whatever. It can make us green with envy of their skills or their time. Don't do it.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  

Everyone works at their own pace and has their own skills plus experience.  Practice makes perfect or it definitely will improve any skill. 

Everyone makes choices every day. So-and-so isn't dealing right now with a sick family member or they never leave the house. There could be any number of things different about you versus them. They could be jealous of you who still has their family around.

Making  minis is not a competition unless you actually entered one. How much you get done doesn't matter to anyone else but you. This isn't a race.  The only prize is the project itself.

Don't stress about the doing just take the time you can and do. Accept that there are things you will not do and buy those instead.  

Accept that there will be things you do that will just take you longer than someone else.  Experience comes from doing.

Today is the fourth part of my new series on doing more minis - check the three older posts and come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,

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