Monday, October 26, 2015

Doing Minis should be Fun

I believe that making miniatures should be fun.  Whatever you do, don't make it a chore.  Sometimes parts of a kit are just that so if you feel bogged down by a chore, then do it. Then switch to something else for a while.  Or do it for a few minutes (short time) and then do something else for a time.  Consider that maybe it is the time of day, time in your week or other things are stressing you out.  

If minis aren't fun, relaxing, enjoyable, then change something. 

Maybe it could be that you have waited too late to make the swaps you are signed up for.  Well, we have a choice to make it and be done with it, or not.  The 'not' part maybe not be in your make up and I get that, so I say to keep this scenario in mind the next time they announce a sign up.  Either don't sign up so that minis aren't stressful or plan ahead.  Don't wait to the last minute.  I am talking to myself here as much as anyone. 

Recently I made the choice to not send in swaps for the QC convention.  It was my first time to not do them.  This was a huge decision for me.  But it was a good one.  I didn't want the pressure.  I do have so many swaps that I wasn't sad when I think of them.  Yes, later I had a moment or two that I wish that I had, but not once I reminded myself the reasons I choose to not do them.

Today is the fifth part of my new series on doing more minis in honor of Dollhouse and Miniatures Month - check the older posts and come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,


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