Wednesday, October 28, 2015


If your excuse is that you travel too much to mini, well then I ask do you ever have down time that you can watch tv? If your answer is yes, then I say you do have time.
Here  are my thoughts on ways to mini while traveling.
  • Take a basic tool kit, choose based on your kits.  Can even take a craft knife with you, just follow the TSA guidelines and they should allow.  Consider when you pack to maybe not take your best tools.
  • This is when taking a couple of round table or similar small kits is a good choice.
  • Have a small container with you for the finished or even in progress item. Another option - take a bag of beads or ribbons that need sorted and the smaller bags that you would sort them into. This doesn't need to be an elaborate case they will ultimately go into.  Just a bunch of small zip bags works as temporary.
  • Consider kits that are a lot of cutting.  Just be sure to put the trimmed pieces back into the bag.
  • Don't stress over it either, if while traveling the downtime just isn't available.  There is a mindset that will allow you to take the time during travel to work on minis.  It takes some adjustment to thinking it is possible. 
  • Take a miniature magazine with you to read or review.
  • Or subscribe to mini mags online and read on the digital device.
Today is the seventh part of my new series on doing more minis in honor of Dollhouse and Miniatures Month - check the older posts and come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,

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