Thursday, October 29, 2015

Be Inspired to Do More Minis

Inspiration can come from many sources.  
Fellow miniaturists, miniature magazines photos and articles, real life and our dreams of course.  Here are some ideas on getting inspired to do more.

Get off the computer – I love reading emails from others about their projects, but they can be intimidating.  Or they can inspire you to get going.  The inspire part is a double edged sword as inspiration can get one to buy more or to start new projects without finishing old ones.  Been there and done both.  However I have also seen challenges by others that inspire me to get something done.  This is good but can still slow one down to getting done if the inspiration doesn’t inspire actually doing.

Seeing what others are doing can inspire me to just start doing.  Maybe it sparks an idea on how to do something I have put away due to a challenge I couldn't conquer at the time.  Or it could just simply lead me to doing minis.
Join swaps, contests or challenges – there is nothing like a deadline to get me going.  Be careful that the contest or challenge doesn’t make you lose your desire to mini.  Been there and done that too.  I have done swaps for over 10 years.  I love swaps.  But there came a time when I realized I was only doing swaps.

Be selective about what you sign up for. This is related to swaps but also helping with an event.  Pace yourself.  Don’t sign up or agree to help with everything.

Listen to music - I discovered this very recently.  I find that I am more productive when I listen to music.  Watching tv can be distracting if the show gets interesting and that slows me down.  Also watching tv is multi-tasking and means that our brains are expected to do more at once.  Music allows us to occupy the mind without expecting it to multi-task.  But turn the music off if it does start to distract.

This was day 8 of my new series on doing more minis in honor of Dollhouse and Miniatures Month - check the older posts and come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,

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