Saturday, October 24, 2015

Have a Plan to Do More

When it comes to doing more there needs to be a plan.
Don't throw rotten tomatoes, I get it. This is a hobby and planning makes it more like work, but hear me out.

I mentioned previously my friend's motto: It's worth it. Minis are worth doing or you wouldn't have started in the hobby to begin with. I propose that the planning will be worth it too.
When it comes to planning, it can be simple. Prioritizing time to do minis with whatever schedule you choose is a plan.

Secondly, taking steps to keep that schedule is also planning. It could be you put it on your calendar so your family knows this is your hobby time. Or it could be getting a toolbox and project boxes set up so you can use the dining room table and easily put away again. If you don't have  a dedicated workspace that allows you to leave the work in progress unattended, then consider a way to pack it up quick.  Another miniaturist described having a drawer that a tray can go in.  The tray is what they work on and the drawer is where the tray goes when needing to allow things to dry or put away until later. Another way this could work is to have two drawers or boxes.  One that holds the bits and bobs that are part of the work in progress but not used yet or not ready to be put away.  The other then holds the project.  Maybe not with a tray but it allows the project to be put away.

Thirdly, it could be setting goals that this week I will get the kits for this room assembled, next week I will paint them, the next week will be choosing and ordering the wallpaper for the next room or whatever. The OMB challenge on Quarter Connection is one a month bunch, to do one project or portion of a project each month. Remember they're your goals so if you fall short it's ok. No point to dwell on it just keep moving forward.

Working with kits often leaves us to think that we don't have to plan.  But we do.  Every decision that is made including whether to use the colors the kit maker used or not, is planning. 

Having a Journal/Plan – this just means to either think about what you want to do or to actually plan what needs to be done.  This is just one way to get organized that will help to be more productive when you go to a show or the hobby/mini store.  It also helps to know what needs to be done next so there isn’t time wasted trying to do something you don’t have all the supplies for.

Today is the third part of my new series on doing more minis - check the two older posts and come back tomorrow for some more ideas on doing more minis.
Happy miniaturing,

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