Friday, April 24, 2015

Use the Delete Button and move on

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I have been on lists/groups long enough to have learned that the delete button is my friend.  It doesn’t matter where I am, there is always going to be something I am not interested in.  Quite frankly, if it’s a ‘I ain’t got time for that’ topic, I just delete it (in email) or scroll past (on the web) and move on. 

I find it silly when people complain that there is too much this or too much that on a group.  I will agree that this can happen – a topic gets talked about too much, but I don’t complain to the owners/moderators or on the group, I just delete and move on. 

If the topic continues too long I have options:  
  • Come back later when the topic dies down 
  • or I can leave the group.  

It is possible that the group wants to talk about that.  Maybe I am on the wrong group.  It could be the mod’s aren’t paying attention to the rules that were set or that they don’t have rules to that affect.  What I have found is that if the group is well established the mod’s will deal with it eventually.  If the group isn’t well established with rules or good mod’s then I choose to stay away for a while or leave permanently.  

My bottom line - delete and move on.

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