Monday, April 20, 2015

Dealing with Advertising emails

Let's think about misc advertising email.  It could be called junk mail or spam but I’m not talking about spam – the stuff you didn’t sign-up for.  No, I am referring to the stuff you did sign up for when you purchased something on the internet.  Or when you got that loyalty card so you could get points.  Depending on the site or card, you may have no option to opt in or out of advertising emails. At least none that are obvious.
There are three ways I handle this type of misc email.
  1. I use a secondary account.  I have a second email acct and I use it when I make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. 
  2. I opt out of advertising.  Whenever I sign up for an account (make a purchase) I look for the box that will allow me to opt out.
  3. I unsubscribe once I am finished with the transaction I sign up for to start with.  Example, I bought a bird product from a website called bird lover.  But I don’t want their emails coming daily or weekly.  So at the bottom of the email, I used the unsubscribe link they are supposed to have on there.  I still love birds, but I don’t want that site’s emails coming in when I don’t want to buy from them anymore.  I can always go back to the site and to purchase again if I am ever inclined.

Doing 1 is the best way to deal with these emails up front so that you know it is likely to not be something you want to see.  If you didn’t intentionally sign up like say to get their weekly coupons – or even if you did.  This secondary acct allows you to segregate email right away.  Just be sure that you check this acct weekly.  Or monthly at the very least.  One main reason for doing this is to not miss something you really do want to see – like a big fat refund coupon or points added to your account.  If you neglect the account, you might as well have it come to your primary acct and do 2 or 3 instead.

In order for this to work, you do need to have an email software that allows you to view more than one email account.  Outlook is one.  Or it is really easy to switch from one to the other once signed into both.  Gmail is like that. 

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