Saturday, April 18, 2015

Managing emails – which provider

Being someone who likes to be organized, I try to do this with my email too. I will not say I do a great job at this but I do have certain things I do that help me.
This is a series on how I manage my emails.
Today’s topic is about providers.  The name after the @.
This isn’t about which provider is better or gives which benefits, but about the source.  Is your @name based on an ISP (internet service provider) how you get on the internet or is it free to anyone?

Since hubby and I have been on the internet I have used five email providers for personal email. Two of those I still use today.  Switching providers is a pain no matter how you deal with it if you have shared it with others.  Several of my changes has been due to switching from one ISP to another.  I have used my current ISP for more than five years and the one before that for at least that long.  But if I ever switch again, I will not set up a new email account with a new ISP.  Instead when I share my new email account, it will be someone like @gmail that isn’t tied to an account I have to pay for.  My hope is that I never have to switch again.  Granted that may not work out, as these free ones can go belly up and then I am forced to switch again.

One thing I do not do – use an employer provided account. With my employer this violates their use policy.  For me, it also won’t be a problem later if I ever change employers.  Using their account actually keeps my private life separate and is why I say don’t do it.  The employer also has a right to read your email even if you feel it is personal if using their email system.

Switching providers?
This is a really good opportunity to do some clean up and deal with advertisers. 
The last time I switched, I spent some time figuring out where I needed to make this switch.  I did this both by seeing who was sending me emails and also by reviewing my sent email.  The very basic way is to is use the unsubscribe link or button that the advertiser is supposed to have.  For other emails, login in to that account and make the change. 
This is also a good time to consider using multiple accounts – come back tomorrow when I address why I do this.

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