Sunday, April 19, 2015

Managing emails – multiple accounts

I am a fan of multiple email accounts.  The main reason is that I subscribe to several groups for/about miniatures.  I want to keep the deluge of miniature related email separate from my personal email. 

Three main email accounts
I have a personal email that I give that address out to family or friends that aren’t miniature related.  I also use this for banking and bills.  The businesses I have to pay attention to.

I have a second email for anything or anyone miniature related.

I also have a third email account that I use for signing up with businesses that maybe I do business with infrequently say someone that I purchase from one time or for a loyalty card. Or weekly coupons are another example.

Initially I did all three with my ISP but moving forward I have switched to using a non-ISP email provider.

I have had a separate email account to manage multiple hobbies.  I also had a separate account when I was a student.

The key to dealing with multiple accounts is the software program.  It must allow one to add other accounts to it.  Again, Outlook is an option, but there are other programs that do that as well.  Gmail is another one that I use.

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