Friday, April 17, 2015

Makeup palettes part 2

I made two more palettes and I took pics of the steps so I could share.

Here are the tools I used
Ruler, craft knife, pencil and glue (also used stick glue but could have used this just would need to spread it)

Here are materials I used

The metal box is 3 1/2 x 5 1 4 inch, scrapbook paper 5 x7 inches (used 1 full sheet plus portion of another), mat board, foam core strips, magnet with adhesive backing, vinyl from a see thru bag

1. Cut the mat board to 3 1/4 inch x 5 1/8 inch. I trimmed my corners as well.
2. Cut strips 1/4 inch wide from foam core board.  Glue onto the short ends.
3. Flip over and trim the foam core strips to match the mat board.
4. Cut a strip to fit between the two short ends. Glue one in place.
5. Apply glue to the back of the mat board and adhere to paper.  My paper was 5 x 7 inches so I had to deal with that.  Also cut paper to allow to fold over the long sides.
6. I had to add a piece of paper to cover the inside of the foam core frame - see the extra pieces added on the short ends.  Also I have covered the long foam core piece that I left off in step 4.  It is shown upside down in the middle.
7. Cut piece of vinyl and use packing tape to attach.  I cut mine shorter than the section, so I could still glue the paper to the mat board backing.
8. Shows the fourth piece covered in step 6 has now been glued in place.
9. Each corner needs to be covered by trimming and cutting slits to allow it fold and be glued in place with some overlap but not too much.
10. Magnet cut and ready to have the adhesive removed and put in place.
Add magnets to the back of pans and put into palette.
Love it!

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