Saturday, April 8, 2017

Using top of cabinets with uneven surface

Enhance tops of cabinets and other furniture for using the top to display or store items
I have a vaulted ceiling and in my living room my entertainment unit and kitchen cabinets are places that I store or display things. The way the unit and cabinets are built they have molding at the top.

Problem: Items set on top of the unit are partially hidden by the molding. Or there is an uneven surface.

It was a couple of years ago, that it dawned on me how to best deal with this. Previously I was using other objects like plastic trays upside down or tins to use as risers so the items weren't hidden by the molding. 

Solution: Add one or two layers of construction foam to level the top.
One layer can be pieces.
Top layer can be solid or pieced together. 
These pics are from my kitchen cabinets. Before I was limited about where I could place things both by the cabinet sides that stuck up and by the molding in front. From the angle of these pics the molding isn't obvious that it blocks the view.
On my cabinets I only added one layer and where I had the pieces to fit as one, I used one. But where I ran out of large pieces or had smaller areas to fill, I used pieces together.

In the 'new to me' cabinets in my studio, I did the same thing. However, I used two layers because of the way they are constructed. I used odd pieces to fit the lower portion - not filling the area, but providing support. The top layer was also pieces, but fit together sort like a puzzle. Once I had them arranged I taped them. I used pieces so as to use what scraps I had on hand rather than buying a new sheet. 
Before I added the foam layers, I would not likely placed anything on top. This way I can display miniatures that typically I rotate to other locations throughout the year. One on left is summer and one on right is winter.
I would not recommend placing anything high like this without a cover. (that pumkin doesn't, but cobwebs could be ok on it. The other project in lower left corner is in a case, just can't see it.)

It doesn't have to be display - it could be storage boxes. But the filling of the area so it is flat would make it easier to retrieve items. I guess it all depends on whether want to use a step stool or not and have to lift them out of the 'hole' they would be sitting in.

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